Retail Projects

This is a small collection of projects completed by EnviroControl Systems over the past few years in the Retail Sector. Each project had it’s own unique set of requirements and challenges.

These Retail Sector projects range from new construction, to building retrofit and remodeling, and include historic reuse environments. Companies who partner with EnviroControl Systems are able to create customer comfort, a memorable customer experience, and an attractive bottom line.

Our team of experts couple their years of experience with value engineering to ensure the comfort and safety of all those who shop, work, or play in these spaces.

Pins Mechanical

Cincinnati, OH

This project employed value engineering solutions consistent with the building’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places.  The budget to complete this 20,000 square foot project was fixed, and EnvrioControl Systems was able to work with it to finish the comfort systems need for all 5 levels of the building.

Austin Landing

Maimisburg, OH

Austin Landing worked with EnvrioControl Systems to finish the tenant build-out of 10, 222 sq feet.


Greenville, OH

EnviroControl Systems removed existing RTUs and installed mechanical system to a preexisting renovation project.  The scope of the work entailed the removal of existing RTUs providing burglar bars and caps for those penetrations, the installation of 8 RTUs with curb adapters, burglar bars, hail guard, economizers, duct smoke detectors, four concentric diffusers and thermostats, the installation of four wall fans, one gas unit heater and one electric ceiling heater, four wall fans, accompanying air devices and hundreds of feet of insulated ductwork.

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