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The Restaurant Business is conceived on service and customer comfort.  EnviroControl Systems knows that comfort is critical for the dining experience and customer retention. As restaurants pay more per square foot for energy than other commercial buildings, it is essential to partner with a company you can trust to create comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

This collection of projects completed by EnviroControl Systems over the past few years in the Restaurant Sector showcases our ability to respond to the requirements of each dining establishment. Our expertise and ability to  value engineer in all projects, ensures budgetary compliance and the comfort and safety of all those who dine, and gather in these spaces.

Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant & Winery

Dayton & Cincinnati, OH

EnviroControl Systems partnered to bring upscale dining and wine tasting to various locations throughout the Dayton/Cincinnati area.
In addition to HVAC mechanical systems, EnviroControl Systems installed kitchen hoods, in line exhaust fans and hoods, and welded hundreds of feet of grease duct.

Pins Mechanical

Cincinnati, OH

This project employed value engineering solutions consistent with the building’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places.  The budget to complete this 20,000 square foot project was fixed, and EnvrioControl Systems was able to work with it to finish the comfort systems need for all 5 levels of the building.

Tender Mercy

Dayton, OH

Located in the Avant Garde building, Tender Mercy is a unique, downtown Dayton upscale bar in the basement tenant space.  The scope of the work included the installation of mini split systems, a wall heater, and insulated ductwork. Job challenges include low ceiling heights, limited space for ductwork, and limited space for equipment placement. Tender Mercy’s location in the basement of a fully occupied multi-story building required exterior ductwork, vertically installed up five stories to provide required outside air. The original project put the budget well over the engineer’s projected amount.  Working with the owner and engineer directly, EnviroControl Systems was able to offer value engineering that brought the cost down and put the budget back on track.

Nation Kitchen

Westwood, OH

EnviroControl Systems completed the demo, installed kitchen hoods, installed make-up air, and installed mechanical system for this project.  The scope of work includes the installation of one RTU with smoke detector, one split system which includes furnace with condensate draw, furnace with combustion air vent through side wall, furnace with outside air to exterior window well with motorized damper, condenser with refrigerant lines run to furnace, three remote condensers, two restroom exhaust fan, four electric heaters, thermostat and sensors, air devices, and insulated ductwork. Portions of the project were completed, working alongside a general contractor.  Other portions of the project allowed EnviroControl Systems to demonstrates its ability as a prime contractor, providing and installing make-up air units and kitchen hoods.

Mod Pizza

Englewood, OH

This project required installation of 2 Carrier RTUs with smoke detectors, air devices, ductwork, and insulation.

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