Lisa E. Crosley, President, EnviroControl Systems, Inc. answers the question “EnviroControl Systems, do you do that?

EnviroControl Systems’ mission statement: “To provide innovative solutions and technical expertise.”

Frequently we receive calls from general contractors, building owners or managers, and restaurant owners  looking for help with problems outside the scope of the traditional HVAC mechanical contractor.  More often that not, our answer to the question “Do you do that?” is “YES! Absolutely!

Today, let’s explore some of the ways EnviroControl Systems exceeds services provided by traditional HVAC mechanical contractors.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering controls the cost of a project while achieving the same desired results.  By using different materials, equipment lines, and manufacturers, EnviroControl Systems has saved projects tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars.  Our experienced team brainstorms and finds alternatives without sacrificing system performance.  Our goal? Offer cost savings without diminishing system performance.

Value engineering provides cost savings, maintains quality, may mitigate risk, and may make future equipment maintenance more efficient.

EnviroControl Systems maintains project integrity while working with engineers, architects, and building owners.

Recently, EnviroControl Systems value engineered a Dayton commercial building upgrade that included $300,000 in cost-savings over initial bid amount.


A caller recently said, “I’m calling all over.  Nobody does VRF repair.  Do you?” Of course, the answer is “YES!”

While its popularity was, at one time, limited to Asia and Europe, VRF or Variable Refrigeration Flow, was introduced into the United States and is rapidly catching on as a commercial system of choice around the country.

VRF uses refrigerant to cool spaces, and pairs the low boiling point of the refrigerant with a system of valves to use one system to both heat and cool.

EnviroControl Systems has installed VRF systems in applications throughout Southwest Ohio, and its technicians have been manufacturer trained to service these mechanical marvels.

Kitchen Hoods and Exhaust Systems

Look no further when you need to reduce fire hazards, remove heat/steam/grease/ and to provide a safe and healthy work environment in your commercial kitchen.

EnviroControl Systems both installs and services/repairs kitchen exhaust, ventilation, and make-up air.

EnviroControl Systems’ experience includes fryers, pizza ovens, and char-broilers.  We are proud to partner with several of Dayton’s, Columbus’, and Cincinnati’s finest and most popular eateries.

EnviroControl Systems serves Greater Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati on commercial HVAC and Kitchen Projects.  Our residential/small business division, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, serves clients throughout the Greater Dayton area.  Family-owned and operated, you can learn more by visiting or calling 937.275.4718.

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