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EnviroControl Systems is known for technical expertise and problem solving in a variety of applications for which other HVAC companies lack skill or experience. One such skill is venting of wood-fired pizza ovens.  EnviroControl Systems has completed several such projects in the Greater Dayton area.

Lisa E. Crosley, President, EnviroControl Systems, outlines reasons that proper venting of wood-fired pizza ovens is critical.


Pulling the appropriate amount of air out of the pizza oven enhances the oven’s over-all heating capacity.  Further, proper venting draws smoke and hot air out of the oven.

Proper air movement within the oven is critical to the oven’s performance, and the quality of the food product offered to the public.


Proper venting of wood-fired ovens is critical for safe operation. Wood is considered a fossil fuel. With all fossil fuels, the side effect of combustion is carbon monoxide–an odorless, tasteless, and invisible gas which can be deadly in as little as five minutes.  Even low-level exposure over time poses serious health risks.

Moreover, improperly vented ovens are at greater risk for fire.


Local building codes regularly require operators of wood-fire pizza ovens to submit plans to the local building authority.  Failure to obtain plan approval may cause a project to fail to pass inspection.

It’s critical to work with an HVAC provider with the proper credentials to obtain necessary plan review and local permits.

EnviroControl Systems has completed a variety of restaurant projects throughout the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus region.  To discuss you project, contact Joe Crosley at 937.275.4718 or email [email protected]


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