Industrial VentilationJanuary 16, 2024by Chris McMahonMaintaining System Performance After Commissioning

Doug Crosley, a 52- year veteran of the HVAC industry, weighs in on the importance of maintaining commercial HVAC systems for system performance.

According to Doug Crosley, two factors contribute to effective systems perform. The first factor is the quality of the installation. Second, and as important, is regular maintenance of commercial HVAC mechanical systems after commissioning.

Filter Changes

Skipping filter changes is not the place to save energy dollars. Often, EnviroControl Systems services ailing systems brought about by failure to change filters per manufacturer instructions.

Out of sight, out of mind is not the rule to follow when it comes to commercial filters.

Lack of filter change often leads to system breakdown, even in newer systems.

Maintain Regular Service

Running to failure is the most expensive way to manage your energy costs. Investing energy dollars in regular HVAC system maintenance is the savvy way to control costs and avoid breakdowns.

Commercial service should include identifying broken belts, changing filters, removing debris from units, repairing air gaps, cleaning air devices, cleaning drain pans, and securing unit doors.

Don’t be reluctant to discuss your unique needs with your commercial HVAC provider. Quality providers will tailor its service to your specific needs.

The best way to ensure regular maintenance is through the purchase of a commercial HVAC service agreement.

Beware On-Site Mechanical Changes

Commissioning is the process which ensures that HVAC systems operate correctly and serve the intended purpose as designed.

Beware of on-site mechanical changes. Even well-meaning adjustments made to air-balancing, water-balancing, and control parameters can dramatically erode the design performance of an HVAC mechanical system.

Forge a Partnership

Crosley suggests a two-pronged approach to protect your investment in system performance: a partnership between on-site personnel and your professional HVAC service team.

“Commercial HVAC equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated,” points out Mr. Crosley. “On-site personnel can keep an eye on day- to- day issues. But when you invest in a commercial service agreement, you add an extra pair of trained eyes overseeing your investment.”

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