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EnviroControl Systems has been honored to work with adaptive reuse of historic buildings in both the Dayton and Cincinnati markets.

What is Adaptive Reuse?

Also known as historic reuse, adaptive reuse is a growing trend throughout the United States. In adaptive reuse, an existing structure is modernized for use other than originally intended.  Adaptive reuse walks a fine line between preservation and demolition.  Adaptive reuse gives old buildings new life, buildings which may first appear to be beyond repair.

Adaptive reuse is different than restoration. Restoration seeks to return buildings to their original condition.  In adaptive reuse, buildings are updated for current use while protecting valuable historic and architectural features.

EnviroControl Systems’ projects brought high-tech HVAC systems to crumbling shells, destined to become a regional event center, office spaces, restaurants and bars, storage space, and the headquarters of several high- tech research companies. Several of EnviroControl Systems’ historic reuse projects are named ABC Eagle Award Winners.

Further, EnviroControl Systems served as the design-build contractor for several historic reuse projects.

One of the most appreciated benefits of adaptive reuse is the conservation of heritage values, such as original facades, floors, and decorative finishes such as plaster cove work.  Bringing modern heating and cooling technology into an aging building without disturbing valuable heritage features requires both a commitment to the value of architectural features AND excellent HVAC technical skill.

Benefits of Adaptive Reuse

Use of heritage buildings conserves resources.  It reduces waste from demolition, and it reduces landfill burden.

In the long run, historic reuse saves energy.  According to the US EPA, it takes 65 years for a newly constructed energy efficient building to achieve the amount of energy savings equal to the energy used in its initial new construction.

Moreover, historic reuse addresses urban blight.  Cincinnati’s Over- the- Rhine, and Dayton’s Tech Corridor demonstrate how historic reuse successfully anchors urban revitalization.

To learn more about EnviroControl Systems’ historic reuse experience, visit www.envirocontrolsystems.com.  To discuss your project, call 937.275.4718 and ask for Joe Crosley.

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