Whether during  new construction, building retrofit, or historic reuse, EnviroControl Systems provides clients with innovative solutions and technical expertise.  Among other services, EnviroControl Systems offers decades of experience in value engineering. 

Value engineering systematically meets the comfort and performance demands of a space at the lowest possible cost by substituting less expensive alternatives without sacrificing functionality. Value engineering is a tried and true process, trusted by the HVAC industry for more than fifty years.

Churches, and organizations with limited budgets, often benefit from value engineering.  Inexperienced building owners find the HVAC value engineer a valued partner during the design process.

According to EnviroControl Systems’ Chief Estimator, Doug Crosley, value engineering offers benefits beyond initial cost savings. Simple, hard-working, practical designs are easier to service and maintain going forward.  Further, according to Doug Crosley, value engineering takes application limitations into consideration, and creatively uses spaces to full potential.

Value Engineering saves money during the design process.  EnviroControl Systems puts its decades of experience and familiarity with HVAC products to work for its clients.  Once EnviroControl Systems completes the mechanical design, an engineer reviews and approves plans.

Interested in smart technology for your building?  Value engineering considers not just installation cost, but operating costs, energy consumption, building automation, and facilities staff demands.

Savings through value engineering can be reinvested in revenue producing initiatives, workplace transformation,  and over-all better working conditions.



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