Green HVACFebruary 15, 2022by Theresa SteeleThe Importance of Indoor Air Quality in Public Spaces

Lisa E. Crosley, President, EnviroControl Systems, explains why a healthy office, retail, or restaurant environment is crucial.

Employees Perform Better

In 2015, Harvard University, in conjunction with Syracuse University, studied twenty-four subjects in a variety of office environments. Measurements were taken in each environment.

The result? Cognitive performance scores for individuals in green environments were double those when working in conventional environments.

Enhanced ventilation proved to be extremely helpful in decision-making and when responding to emergency situations.

Employees Were Healthier

Poor air quality triggers allergic reactions, physical fatigue, headaches, and eye and throat irritation.

Employee illness often results in higher levels of absenteeism. Other times, individuals report to work late because they don’t feel well.

Absenteeism and late arrivals are costly in the business environment.

Is My Public Space at Risk?

Poor indoor air quality in public spaces results from a variety of causes.

  • Hazardous materials. Asbestos, while banned, still poses a threat to 125 million people worldwide.
  • Construction or Renovation. Dust. Disturbed asbestos fibers. Construction materials floating in the air. All can trigger respiratory ailments.
  • Location. Buildings close to highways located on former industrial sites, or close to new construction or building retrofits are particularly vulnerable.

EnviroControl Systems offers a variety of solutions to improve indoor air quality in offices, retail business, sports and recreation facilities, churches, restaurants, and other public spaces.

Whether during the design-build/value engineering phase or added later through indoor air quality enhancements, EnviroControl Systems helps you to #Breathe Easy.


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