UncategorizedFebruary 7, 2022by Theresa SteeleEnviroControl Systems Joins Communities in Fire Station Upgrades


EnviroControl Systems experiences a flurry of construction activity when its teams bring new fire stations to life.

In communities from Warren to Miami County, EnviroControl Systems installed mechanical systems which meet the needs of the fire fighters who work, and live, within its walls.

Each project is different. Currently, the EnviroControl Systems’ team is installing radiant floor heat and an ice melt system in a project.

It is common for fire stations to require sophisticated indoor air quality solutions which allow fire and rescue vehicles to run safely while the building’s large overhead doors remain closed.

Increasingly, fire stations employ sophisticated zoning systems to allow for the individual personal comfort of fire fighters.

Because public projects may require added levels of compliance and record-keeping, EnviroControl Systems’ administrative staff joins in support of fire station projects.

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