Air ConditioningAugust 11, 2021by Theresa SteeleALDI and EnviroControl Systems Team Up for Customer Comfort

From Kettering, to Springdale, to Washington Court House, EnviroControl Systems joins with ALDI in bringing its shoppers ultimate comfort.

Remodeled stores will benefit from new mechanical roof-top equipment, concentric diffusers, and destratification fans.

Concentric diffusers eliminate the need for traditional duct work through a single point air distribution system.

Destratification fans are ventilation devices, typically suspended from the ceiling of a commercial building, which achieve energy savings and provide a comfortable environment for occupants in a building by providing a more even temperature throughout the space.

EnviroControl Systems’ President, Lisa Crosley, has excitedly watched the Kettering ALDI project for more than one reason.  Kettering ALDI is where she shops, so she’s anxious to enjoy the fruit of EnviroControl Systems’ labors up close and personnel.

Further, with the ALDI commitment to return savings to its customers, she’s excited to continue enjoying both comfort and easy-on-the wallet grocery savings with the energy savings EnviroControl Systems made possible.

The Grand Reopening of Kettering ALDI is currently scheduled for August 11, 2021.

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