Historic ReuseJanuary 26, 2021by Theresa SteeleWoodland Cemetery Chapel: Restoring a Gem in the Gem City


Closed to the public for years, updates over the next few months will reopen Woodland Cemetery Chapel for the use and enjoyment of Dayton residents.

Woodland Cemetery is both a Dayton, and a national treasure. The first 40 acres of Woodland Cemetery was laid out in 1842, making if one of the oldest garden cemeteries in the United States. Today, the facility stretches over 200 acres, offering adequate burial space for another 100 years.

The Chapel was constructed in 1889 from stone from the original cemetery wall. When completed, visitors to the Chapel will once again have access to one of the finest single examples of Tiffany stained glass in the country. Further adding to the beauty of Woodland Chapel are 16 matching Tiffany windows, and a hand cut Tiffany mosaic floor.

EnviroControl Systems is pleased to announce it will bring updated HVAC mechanical systems supported by an ERV system to the Chapel at Woodland Cemetery.

Two modern HVAC systems will be supported by an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). ERV technology helps HVAC systems meet ventilation and energy standards, and to reduce energy consumption.

Connected to the ducts within the HVAC system, fans draw clean, fresh air into a space and remove stale air. ERVs capture contaminants, pollutants, allergens, and pollen. ERV technology within the Woodland Chapel project will both improve indoor air quality and protect the valuable architectural treasures within the historic space.

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