Historic ReuseOctober 15, 2020by Theresa SteeleHistoric Reuse—A Challenge and a First!


Bringing 21st century HVAC technology to aging buildings is never an easy task.  However, on a recent Dayton project, EnviroControl Systems faced a real challenge.

Commercial Field Supervisor, Charles Ellis, has managed award-winning historic reuse projects in Dayton and Cincinnati.  However, this challenge was what he would call a “first.”

Charlie and his team were required to core through a 9 -inch concrete roof deck in a section of the building which has been around so long no one really knew how old it was.

Never one to be bested by any challenge, Charlie and the team kept at it until roof penetration was achieved.

“There were a couple moments when I didn’t think we could do it,” Charlie observed.  “But when it, went. It went!

EnviroControl Systems is proud of the bull-dog spirit its teams display day in and day out, giving aging buildings in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus renewed life and purpose.

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