Industrial VentilationOctober 6, 2020by Theresa SteeleBright Path

EnviroControl Systems recently finished a unique project at BrightPath Active Learning Center in Westerville, OH.

The Bright Path Active Learning Center employed modern farmstead typology based on efficiency through modularity, and consists of two buildings connected with a glass entrance which represent a farmstead.  The building is designed to support rich interaction between indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

EnviroControl Systems installed VRF technology, short for Variable Refrigerant Flow.

VRF technology has been popular in Europe, China, Japan, and other parts of the world for several decades. VRF was introduced to the United States 10-15 years ago and is gaining in popularity.

Instead of one large, noisy unit pumping out air to the whole space, a VRF HVAC system features several smaller air handlers that are individually controlled and piped back to one system.

These increasingly popular VRF HVAC Systems provide not only cooling, but heating, too.  This modern technology can even provide heating and cooling to different zones within a building at the same time.

Bright Path Active Learning Center should benefit from the many benefits of VRF HVAC: quiet operation, energy efficiency, consistent comfort, less downtime, modern controls, and economy of space.

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