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You may have heard about VRF Technology and how it can impact the comfort of your home or office.  EnviroControl Systems uses VRF Technology to help their customers to attain the right comfort zone mix for their individual needs.

So what is VRFVRF is an abbreviation for Variable Refrigerant FlowVRF systems vary the flow of refrigerant to indoor units based on demand. These systems create the ability to control the amount of refrigerant provided to fan coil units, located throughout a building.  This makes VRF technology ideal for applications with varying loads or where zoning is required.

There are several advantages to using VRF technology and customers of EnviroControl Systems are seeing benefits daily from implementation.  In a conventional system, the compressor is either on or off.  This means that all spaces (even those with their own controls) will fluctuate in temperature while the compressor cycles on and off to maintain the comfort level desired. A VRF system has a compressor that operates continuously. The speed of the compressor varies, allowing for quicker and easier adjustments as the temperature is reached.  This particular advantage created energy savings as it avoids energy expenditures that come from on and off compressor cycles.

VRF systems are a great way to consider value engineering for your project.  These systems may offer installation savings as they do not require the duct work, large pipes, or pumps and boilers like traditional systems.  These systems are also lightweight, easy to move into place, and have a smaller footprint.  When considering the cost of construction -a VRF system could save on additional construction expenses like structural modifications, equipment usage, and better use of available space.

If you are interested in learning more about VRF and discussing your project – please contact EnviroControl Systems.  We’d enjoy the opportunity to learn about your needs!

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